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Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan & Kelautan

ISSN 2085-5842

Vol. 9 / No. 2 / Published : 2017-01

TOC : 4, and page :107 - 117

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Sedation potential essential oil of bandotan leaf (ageratum conyzoides) to koi fish (cyprinus carpio)

Author :

  1. Ade Wahyu Pratama*1
  2. Laksmi Sulmartiwi*2
  3. Boedi Setya Rahardja*3
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Perairan dan Kelautan
  2. Dosen Fakultas Perairan dan Kelautan
  3. Dosen Fakultas Perairan dan Kelautan

Abstract :

Transportation of fish associated with the method of anesthesia. Anesthesia is done to decrease metabolism or liveliness (sedative). A high metabolism during transport can be minimized by using imotilisasi. Imotilisasi can be done by using a low temperature or chemical or natural metabolic compounds (Soedibya and Pramono, 2006). Antimetabolic natural ingredients that can be used is a plant bandotan (Ageratum conyzoides). Bandotan is a medicinal plant that contains essential oils and saponins (Kardono, 2003). In the field of fisheries, to reduce stress on the fish and also used a calming as well as a decrease in the activity (sedative) or analgesic drugs used in vertebrate animals (Neiffer and Stamper, 2009). The purpose of this study to determine the potential for sedation administration bandotan leaf essential oil to the koi (Cyprinus carpio). Results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that each treatment bandotan leaf essential oil to give effect to the time unconscious, conscious and tachiventilasi recovery time (p<0.05). Range fastest time in treatment I fainted while 27-30 minutes and the longest time span in treatment D fainted while 55 minute span of the fastest recovering conscious at the time of treatment D 5 minutes and recovered aware longest time span in treatment I while 15-18 minutes. The highest average tachiventilasi on treatment A on the 60 minute observation (810 bits / 5 min) and the lowest in the I (343 bits / 5 min) on minute 60 observation. Based on the measurement of water quality is the water temperature between 29-31oC, dissolved oxygen is 6 ppm, pH ranged from 8 to 8.3 and ammonia 0.02 to 0.27 mg / l.

Keyword :

sedation, Ageratum conyzoides, antimetabolic,

References :

  1. Yusuf Bachtiar, (2002). Mencemerlangkan Warna Koi. X : Agromedia Pustaka


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Volume : 9 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2017-01
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