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Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

ISSN 0852-4556

Vol. 9 / No. 1 / Published : 2005-01

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Optimasi pembuatan membran selulosa asetat untuk proses penjernihan

Author :

  1. Handoko Darmokoesoemo*1
  2. Tokok Adiarto*2
  1. Departemen Kimia FMIPA Unair
  2. Departemen Kimia FMIPA Unair

Abstract :

The purposed of this research is looking for optimum condition in preparing cellulose acetate membrane for clarifying of sugar cane. Cellulose acetate micro porous membranes have been made by mixing cellulose acetate, formamide and acetone in various compositions. Variation of the composition were made between cellulose acetate and formamide. The membrane was produced by phase inversion technique. Membrane characteristics were determined by membrane thickness, flux, sugar rejection and turbidity reduction. The result generally showed that higher concentration of cellulose acetate resulted in higher perm selectivity but lowers permeability. Variety composition in cellulose acetate did not influence membrane thickness. The optimum composition was obtained for membrane with composition of 13 % (w/w) cellulose acetate, 37 % (w/w) formamide, and 50 % (w/w) acetone. The optimum result from this condition, were shown by a flux of 249.070 L/m2. day, sugar rejection of 5.793 % and turbidity reduction of 67.015 % with average thickness of 0.08 mm.

Keyword :

cellulose acetate, sugar cane, sugar rejection, turbidity reduction, composition variety. ,

References :

  1. G.T Austin, (1986). Shreve’s Chemical Process Industries. New York : Ed., Mc Graw-Hill Book Company., New York.


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