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Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

ISSN 0852-4556

Vol. 1 / No. 5 / Published : 2011-12

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Pemodelan perkembangan jumlah sel leukosit penderita leukimia anak di surabaya dengan pendekatan regresi semiparametrik berdasarkan estimator kernel

Author :

  1. Melati Oktiriani, Happy Ramanja Putri , M. Makki, Nur Chamidah*1
  1. Departemen Matematika, FSAINTEK Unair, Surabaya

Abstract :

             Leukemia is a severe blood cancer which can happen to everyone especially kids. It makes kids futures were threatened and make parents also suffer. This blood cancer was on first list on kids cancer. A cancer takes a long time to develop, it usually start from nothing to cancer. It usually happened to kids and the symptoms occur when they grew up. But more than 60% children with cancer who treated medically had entered an advanced stage, due to slow handling. (Melayu Putra Jati, 2008)             To model the development of leukocyte cells in children with leukemia patients semiparametric regression approach to longitudinal data using a kernel method using S-Plus software assistance. The dynamics of change in the number of leukocytes in leukemia patients during hospitalization for men and women have the same pattern that is after the first measurement the number of leukocytes tends to increase with an average of 228.03/ml for male patients and 182.35/ml for female patients. Thus it is known that the increase in average number of leukocytes in patients with more men than women with the  difference amounting 45.68 /ml

Keyword :

Semiparametric Regression, Longitudinal Data, Kernel, Leucocyte,

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