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Jurnal Oftalmologi Indonesia

ISSN 1693-2587

Vol. 7 / No. 4 / Published : 2010-12

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Cutler beard technique for the management of superior palpebra sebaceous adenocarcinoma

Author :

  1. Putu Yuliawati*1
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University/Sanglah General Hospital, Bali

Abstract :

Sebaceous Adenocarcinoma (SAC) is a malignant tumor derived from sebaceous gland. Incidence of SAC is 1–6% of palpebral malignancy. The aim of this article is to report SAC that has been treated with wide excision and palpebral reconstruction withcutler beard technique. This case reported a man of 62 years old, with tumor in his right upper eyelid. At the examination we found mass at superior palpebra 10 √6 √5 mm size centrally with clear margin, irregular, fixed, and no inflammation. We performed wide excision on superior palpebra 5 mm from the edge of the tumor, continued by horizontal incision with inverted U shaped. A marker was made in inferior palpebra with the same size of tissue used for flap. Incision was performed under the inferior edge of palpebra around 3 mm until donor flap turned to U shape. Inferior palpebra flap was pulled up, and sutured layer by layer to the skin. The flap was openedafter 2 months. Histopatology examination found adenocarcinoma of meibomian gland. After operation, the defect closed well. In this case SAC handled with wide excision and cutler beard reconstruction technique gives the best result cosmetically

Keyword :

Sebaceous Adenocarcinoma (SAC), wide excision, cutler beard technique, palpebra defect more than 50%,

References :

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Volume : 7 / No. : 4 / Pub. : 2010-12
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