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Jurnal Penelitian Dinamika Sosial

ISSN 1411-6383

Vol. 5 / No. 2 / Published : 2004-08

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Consumer behavior of shoes industry at wedoro (research: attitudinal toward product atrribute and this influence to retention to buy)

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      Customer retention is key ro success of any business.Thsi study aims to know wheter attitudinal toward shoes atrubute influences retention to buy.samples of this study werw chosen by means of purposive and accidental sampling method. The number of the samples is 270 responden,but only 220 one qualified. The Data were analysed with multiple regression at significance = 0,005 The analysis result shows that research hypotheses are accepted attitudinal toward shoes attributed such as price, product quality,service, brand image, product design have simultaneous and partial significant influences on customer retention

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      Consumer behavior, shoes industry, attitudinal,

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