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Jurnal Penelitian Dinamika Sosial

ISSN 1411-6383

Vol. 2 / No. 3 / Published : 2001-12

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Defense of distortions events history in tohari’ s novel lingkar tanah lingkar air

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      The study is aimed to know the author’s motivation in writing the novel Lingkar Tanah Lingkar Air. Although the novel is based on the historical background of Indonesian Independence, the content is different from the real event of the history. Therefore, the researcher feels it is necessary to reveal what is implicit in the text. This research uses two kinds of data: text of literature and text of history. Intertextual theory is used to analyze the novel Lingkar Tanah Lingkar Air. The result of the study shows that Darul Islam movement was not totally guilty, but became the scapegoat instigated by PKI. Therefore, it is necessary to review the history for the sake of truth and justice.

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      Author, text, and intertextual,

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