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Jurnal Penelitian Dinamika Sosial

ISSN 1411-6383

Vol. 5 / No. 2 / Published : 2004-08

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Health seeking behaviors of patients of palliative care: an exploratory study of five patients at rsud dr. soetomo surabaya

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      This present study is exploratory aimed at describing health seeking behaviors of five patients of palliative care at dr. Soetomo Public Hospital Surabaya. Data were collected by means of non-directive questionnaires. This is meant for finding out factors affecting their health seeking behaviors that include thought and feeling, personal references, resources, and culture.The study found that the patients’ health seeking behaviors have the following characteristics. First, the terminal-phase illness makes them decide to use both medical and non-medical treatment. Second, it is not the patients but their families and significant others who mostly decide on ways of treatment. Third, internal factors like personal preference, belief in spiritual drive and attitude give a positive contribution to health seeking behavior. And fourth, external factors such as funds, culture, time and facility also become consideration in health seeking behavior.

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      Health seeking behavior, palliative patients,

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