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Jurnal Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi

ISSN 2301-7090

Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2012-08

TOC : 8, and page :112 - 119

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Correlation between organizational commitment and readiness for change of divisi enterprise service (des)’s employee telkom ketintang surabaya

Author :

  1. Ayu Bianda Pramadani*1
  2. Fajrianthi*2
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Abstract :

This undergraduate thesis is written to find wheter there is a correlation Between OrganizationalCommitment and Readiness for Change of Divisi Enterprise Service (DES)'s employee TelkomKetintang Surabaya. Data collecting instruments used for this undergraduate thesis arequestionnairs of organizational commitment from OCQ Meyer & Allen (1990) with 24 items andquestionnairs of readiness for change that arrange from Holt's theory (2007) with 21 items. Thisquestionnairs which are given to 30 of pilot study respondents first, the value of organizationalcommitment scale reliability (r) of affective commitment is 0,544, value reliability ofcontinuance commitment is 0,668, and value reliability of normative commitment is 0,543.Value reliability of readiness for change is 0,851. The population of research subject in thisundergraduate thesis consist of DES's employee who are employed in minimum two years, thereare 72 peoples. Samplevused in this undergraduate thesis are only 56 peoples. The samplingmethod used in this thesis is simple random sampling. The data then analyzed using statisticmethod with product moment correlation with helped of spss 17,0 for windows.The result of this research shows that organizational commitment is in correlation withreadiness for change with value of correlation from affective commitment 0,584 withsignificance 0,000, value of correlation from continuance commitment 0,007 with significance0,956, and value of correlation from normative commitment 0,371 with significance 0,005. Thesignificance rating meet the requirement p < 0,05 with the result that Ho is rejected and Ha isaccepted. These findings correlation between organizational commitment especially foraffective commitment and normative commitment and readiness for change in Divisi EnterpriseService (DES)'s employee Telkom Ketintang Surabaya

Keyword :

organizational commitment, readiness for change,

References :

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