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Jurnal Psikologi Klinis dan Kesehatan Mental

ISSN 2301-7082

Vol. 1 / No. 3 / Published : 2012-12

Order : 147, and page :147 - 153

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Original Article :

Quality of life in patients with cervical cancer undergoing treatment of radiotherapy

Author :

  1. Tri Kurniati Ambarini*1
  2. Nimas Ayu Fitriana*2
  1. Dosen Fakultas Psikologi
  2. Mahasiswa Fakultas Psikologi

Abstract :

This study aims to determine the quality of life in patients with cervical cancer who underwent radiotherapy treatment and the efforts made to achieve quality of life of patients. this depends on the perception and subjective assessment of their patients about the natural condition and position in life. Quality of life in this study associated with cervical cancer who suffered and endured radiotherapy treatment.The study was conducted using a qualitative approach. Subjects were 2 people with cervical cancer who are undergoing radiotherapy treatment. Data collection tool that comes in the form of an interview with interview guidelines on cervical cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment. Techniques of data analysis using thematic analysis by coding the interview transcripts.The results showed that cervical cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment has a good quality of life where people can still enjoy life, even though the patient physically but psychologically decreased the subject shows that he is not getting mired in grief and be able to foster positive feelings in him. In his social relations, the subject reveals that the social support of families to make important contributions to the subject can lead a good life. Patients can live their lives with both hope and goal-related achievement to get the cure. In this study the efforts made by the subject in the achievement of quality of life that is to think positive and get closer to God with emphasis on worship and prayer. This condition is capable of creating high morale and confidence in people to receive healing. This would correlate to the motivation and positive assessment of patients with cervical cancer on their lives.

Keyword :

radiotherapy, cervical cancer, quality of life,

References :

  1. Oktaviyanti, (2006). Kualitas Hidup Orang Dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHA) Ditinjau dari Efektifitas Komunikasi Dalam Keluarga: Studi Kasus. Surabaya : Fakultas Psikologi UNAIR

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Volume : 1 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2012-12
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