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Jurnal Psikologi Klinis dan Kesehatan Mental

ISSN 2301-7082

Vol. 1 / No. 3 / Published : 2012-12

Order : 140, and page :140 - 146

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Original Article :

The relationship between self-efficacy with health seeking behavior in breast cancer patients at ibnu sina hospital gresik

Author :

  1. Endang S.*1
  2. Fauziah Julike P*2
  1. Dosen Fakultas Psikologi
  2. Mahasiswa Fakultas Psikologi

Abstract :

This study aims to determine whether there is a relationship between self-efficacy with healthseeking behavior in breast cancer patients at Ibnu Sina Hospital Gresik. A person affected by breastcancer, affects the physical and psychological condition of the patient. The initial reactions whendiagnosed with breast cancer are denial, anger, despair, and anxiety. These things happen becausethe common person's psychological condition is still not able to accept the fact (Kubler-Ross, 1969).When all happens, it will result in a healthy behavior, the behavior seeking treatment (Notoatmodjo,2010). Someone who has a healthy behavior can occur because of external factors and internalfactors. One of these internal factors is self-efficacy.The research was conducted on breast cancer's patient stage I-II at Ibnu Sina Hospital Gresik, amountof 91 people. Data collection tools are self-efficacy questionnaire and health seeking behaviorquestionnaire compiled by researcher. The reliability of the self-efficacy instrument is 0.883, whilethe reliability of health seeking behavior is 0.942. Data analysis was performed with a statisticaltechnique spearman's rho, with the help of SPSS 16.00 for windows .From the results of the research data analysis using correlation spearman's rho has a significancelevel ρ = 0116, significance level of > 0.05 indicates that the working hypothesis in this study rejected(Ho received, Ha is rejected), that there is no relationship between self efficacy to health seekingbehavior on breast cancer patients at Ibnu Sina Hospital Gresik. The lack of relation between selfefficacywith health seeking behavior only applies to the study population, which are breast cancerpatients at Ibnu Sina Hospital Gresik.

Keyword :

self efficacy, breast cancer, health seeking behavior,

References :

  1. Rizky Febriana, (2009). Hubungan Antara Self Efficacy dengan Treatment Adherence pada Penderita Diabetes Melitus Tipe 2. Surabaya : Fakultas Psikologi UNAIR

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