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Jurnal Penelitian Medika Eksakta

ISSN 1411-6626

Vol. 8 / No. 1 / Published : 2009-04

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Chemical composition and activity of propolis as anti microbial from malang east java

Author :

  1. Bambang Susilo*1
  2. Ni Made Mertaniasih*2
  3. Eko Budi Koendhori*3
  4. Mangestuti Agil*4

Abstract :

ABSTRACT The world proved it but Indonesia was still investigating its component and effect. The writer was doing under research anti bacterium effect of propolis which was collected from Malang, East Java. The study also consisted of anti bacterium effect and composition on growing Staphylococcus aureus and Escherecia coli. Writer also tried to explain anti microbial effect and propolis extract component against the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherecia coli. In post test control group design,it was collected 26 samples taken from bees breeding in Malang, East Java then under investigation in Microbiology Laboratory of Medicine School, Dr Soetomo general Hospital Surabaya. In that the writer found growth inhibition of gram positive for S. aureus and gram negative for E. coli in diameter after trial using t two free sample (t independent sample test). During 24 – 48 hrs it was found 26 samples of 26 isolate (100%) S. aureus tested sensitively. P > 0.05, no difference was seen about inhibiting zona diameter on propolis content 10% and propolis 20% (EEP 10% and EEP 20%). Zone inhibition on growth of A. Aureus was not clear in alcohol 95%. At last of all 26 samples of 26 isolate (100%) was really proved that anti microbial EEP was sensitive and E.Coli was tested resistant

Keyword :

propolis, s aureus, ecoli, antimicrobial test,

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