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Jurnal Penelitian Medika Eksakta [JPME]

ISSN : 1411-6626

Volume 3 / Nomor : 3 / Published : 2002-12

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  1. Influence Infuse Of Achyrantes Aspera Linn On Embryos Developmen (cleavage) On Mice (mus Musculus)
  2. Application Of Ccd Sensor (coupled Charge Devices) For Otomation Analysis Of Diffusion Coefficient For Ternary Isotermal System
  3. Density Analysis Of Aedes Aegypti To Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever,s Endermis Area In Sawahan District, Surabaya Municipality
  4. Infuence Of The Ultraviolet Radiation On Thawing Frezen Semen Of Catle To The X-chromosome Of The Sperm Sex Ratio
  5. Folicle Size Selection Influences Chromosome Transformation Profile On Goat Oocytes In In Vitro Maturation
  6. The Profile Of Worm Eggs Morphology Using Scanning Electrone Microscope Of Sheep And Guats
  7. The Analisis Of The Effect Of Gender On Theworkactivity Of Dentists Health Centerin The Area Of East Jawa
  8. Dna optical density decrease of epithelial oral mucouse caused by resin acrylic cold curing