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Journal of Parasite Science

Journal of Parasite Science

 ( JPS )

contains scientific papers in the field of Parasitology, in the form of research results, review articles (reviews) and case reports in both Indonesian and English.

memuat tulisan ilmiah dalam bidang Parasitologi, berupa hasil penelitian, artikel ulas balik (review) dan laporan kasus baik dalam Bahasa Indonesia maupun Bahasa Inggris


Departemen Parasitologi, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Universitas Airlangga; Kampus “C”Jl. Mulyorejo Surabaya 60115

 Telp. (031) 5992785; 5993016; Fax. (031) 5993015


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ISSN : 2656-5331

Volume 2 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2018-03

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  1. The prevalance and helminth infection degree of gastrointestinal in layer duck located in keper and markolak kramat village district of bangkalan regency of bangkalan
  2. The effect of calcium hydroxideon mortality of ascaridia galli in vitro
  3. The prevalance of gastrointestinal tract protozoa using fecal examination in local chicken(gallus domesticus) located in kramat village, district of bangkalan, bangkalan regency
  4. Prevalence and saverity level of scabies (sarcoptes scabiei) on rabbits in sajen village, pacet sub-district, mojokerto regency
  5. Anthelmintic activity ethanol extract of ocimum sanctum linn. leaves against ascaridia galli in vitro
  6. The conformity of diagnostic test between burrow ink test method with skin scrapping method of scabies in rabbit (lepus domesticus)
  7. Identification of worm in digestive tract of consumed cattle egret (bubulcus ibis) in ujung pangkah, gresik
  8. Efectiveness of ocimum sanctum linn. leaves ethanol extract on mortality raillietina echinobothrida in vitro
  9. Prevalence of nematodiasis in omasum and abomasum of goats slaughtered at pegirian surabaya slaughter house through gatrointestinal surgery method