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The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health

ISSN 2301-8046

Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-12

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Original Article :

Factors associated with respiratory complaints section on labor spinning at pt. lotus indah textile

Author :

  1. Sapta Prasetya*1
  1. Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat

Abstract :

The main contaminant of cotton dust is generated during the spinning process in PT. Lotus Indah Textile, Surabaya so that the workforce has the risk of occupational diseases, especially respiratory diseases. To prevent or reduce the incidence of cotton dust in the workplace, it is necessary prevention and control efforts.The purpose of this study was to analyze factors associated with respiratory complaints in the spinning labor in PT. Lotus Indah Textile, Surabaya.This study uses observational methods are analyzed analytically. Objectives of this study consisted of 54 people working on the mixing process of spinning cotton dust. Variables of the study include. Independent variables of individual characteristics include age, gender, employment, smoking habit, the habit of wearing PPE, including respiratory complaints dependent variable, and control measures against cotton dust. Data were collected through interviews, questionnaires to respondents using the questionnaire format, and direct observation to the job site. From the survey results revealed that 38.2% male sex. As much as 96.3% had high school education or equivalent level. A total of 54.5% have a service life> 10 years. All male respondents smoked. The measured total dust levels were 1.73 mg / m³. A total of 55.6% sometimes wear PPE / mask while working. Some 29.1% had cough, 26.8% had nasal congestion, throat pain 21.7%, 20.7% had shortness of breath, and 1.7% had tightness and cough. Control efforts undertaken include mechanical or engineering control with dust collector, with the administrative control of training, maintenance, housekeeping, sanitary facilities health and safety, job rotation and controlling the use of PPE (masks).It is recommended to do the procurement of personal protective equipment. Cleanup should be cleaned by wetting. Education and training should be done about the dangers of cotton dust on a continuous worker. And needs to be done by monitoring the workplace environment and the maintenance company.

Keyword :

respiratory complains, cotton dust, control efforts,

References :

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