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The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health

ISSN 2301-8046

Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-01

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Leucocytes calculate the picture of company x radiographers in surabaya year 2012

Author :

  1. Laily Hidayati*1
  1. Departemen Keselamatan Kerja Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat

Abstract :

Radiographers are at high risk of exposure to ionizing radiation. The main objective of this research was to study the differential count of radiographers in the company X Surabaya in 2012. This was an observational study with cross-sectional approach. The samples of this study were 15 radiographers. Data were collected by means of questionnaires and secondary data diff. count, considered of total leucocyte count. Data obtained were analyzed descriptively using narrative, table, cross tables and pie diagram. The results of this study showed most of respondents aged 23-27 years (73.3%), sex male 66,7%, length of employment < 5 years (66.7%), did not were all the PPE provided by the company X (53.3%), with normal differential count (53.3%), and all respondens (100%) had normal total leucocyte count. Abnormal diff. count was found in age group 28-33 years, length of employment ≥ 5 years, sex male, and those who did not wear completed PPE. It can be concluded that most of the radiografer had normal differential count. Prevention of radiation hazards should be improved, the company should provide complete PPE in accordance with regulation Bapeten no. 8 year 2011. Employees should use PPE provided by the company and with regard to safe working procedures.

Keyword :

radiographer, leucosyt calculate, APD,

References :

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