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Karakter Bangsa

ISSN 1412-3827

Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2006-07

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The political ethic of pancasila

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      This paper will introduce a new concept of political ethic of Pancasila. Theethic is an accumulative values of ethic which is the ethical ground of polticalbehaviors of powers. The political ethic of Pancasila has five gounds aretheological, humanistic, onthological, democratic, and the just ethic. According toPancasila Ethic that there is no political behaviors out the God. Everything is inthe God. Therefore of course there is no secular behavior. Political ethic ofPancasila has to base all behaviors of political action. The political behavior mustavoid the violance and anarchy. And also political ethi cs have to develop thedemocratic culture in Indonesia. The political ethic of Pancasila is not just aconcept only but also the real implementation.

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      The Political ethic of Pancasila, The basic concepts are theologic al,
      , Onthological, Democratic, And just values, Democratic culture,
      And no secular behavior.

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