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Karakter Bangsa

ISSN 1412-3827

Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2006-07

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To imploment indonesia self identityin mpk in university

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      Abstract :

      This paper will introduce the implementation of Indonesian Ch aracter’s concept.Because of the weak character, Indonesian felt into multi -dymention crisis and lessnationalism. We suggest to develop high education curriculum to have a nation andcharacter building as solution.

      Keyword :

      Crisis Multidimensi, Character building, Muatan Wajib Institusional,
      Integral of curriculum.

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        Volume : 2 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2006-07
        1. Dig Up Local Cultural Values In Other To Recontruction Of Jogja 27 Mei 2006 Earth Quick, Case Study Kota Gede
        2. Social Union In Multi Ethnic (the Evaluation Of Social And Culture)
        3. The Education Responsibility In Multicultural (un)awareness Society
        4. Safe The Pancasila From Liberalis Virus
        5. The Political Ethic Of Pancasila
        6. The Modern Civilization And The Sensitivity Of History: The Nextchallenge To Pancasila
        7. A Note About : Nate, Nasionalisem, And Democrasy
        8. The Spirit Implementation In The Application Of Synchronizationand Coordination Of The Environment Planology Development
        9. To Imploment Indonesia Self Identityin Mpk In University
        10. The Concept Of Gender According To Feminism And Pancasilaism:its Implication To The Paradigm, Theory, And Method Of Social Sciences