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Vol. 4 / No. 4 / Published : 2012-10

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Dampak pembangunan jembatan suramadu pada tingkat kesejahteraan masyarakat kecamatan labang

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  1. Ainul Yakin*1
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik

Abstract :

This study aims to answer the research problem is to evaluated the impact of development Suramadu at the level of welfare in the District Bangkalan Labang. Suramadu Bridge is a national development project that cost a very large reach ± 4 trillion rupiah with the ultimate goal to improve the welfare of the people of Madura. Suramadu bridge development is successful if it is able to improve the welfare of society, especially the people in the district of Madura Labang which is the area closest Suramadu Madura side. This study used the theory of infrastructure development , public welfare and the impact of bridge at the level of social welfare. This study used qualitative methods to study the type of evaluation. The research site is located in District Labang which is the closest area to Suramadu Bridge the side Madura. The selection of informants research conducted by purposive sampling technique. Meanwhile, data collection by observation, in-depth interviews and documentary studies. Data analysis was performed at the time of data collection and then reducing the data, present the data, draw conclusions and verify results. In addition, this study also tested the validity of the data obtained in several ways, namely comparing the information / data in various ways, of the truth of certain information through a variety of methods and sources of data acquisition, as well as comparing the information with the relevant theory. Suramadu bridge construction impact on the welfare of the people in the district Labang. Post absence Suramadu community income of farmers, fishermen and drivers in the District Labang decreased while street vendors and entrepreneurs to society increased.

Keyword :

Development, Suramadu Bridge , Public Welfare ,

References :

  1. Todaro, Michael P., (2000). Ekonomi Untuk Negara Berkembang Edisi Ketiga. Jakarta : Bumi Aksara,


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