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Vol. 21 / No. 3 / Published : 2011-12

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Factors affecting the profitability rate of leading firms in makassar

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  1. Abdul Rakhman*1
  1. Economics Faculty Hasanuddin University

Abstract :

The purposes of this research are to investigate the factors which affecting firms profitability in Makassar.  The factors are amount of capital, growth of sales, net working capital, leverage ratio, and current ratio. The sample involved in the survey 45 companies which identified as leading companies in Makassar. The result outlined that the leading businesses tended to consider financial ratio in implementing financial policy. The findings indicated that growth of sales, current ratio and amount of capital had contributed significantly to profitability rate of the firms.  In depth interviewed to finance manager revealed that characteristic of business would make manager consider different way to implement financial policy

Keyword :

profitability, leverage, current ratio, capital, growth,

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