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Vol. 3 / No. 3 / Published : 2005-12

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Pengaruh kesesuaian kompensasi terhadap kinerja dan kepuasan kerja karyawan(studi pada karyawan perusahaan air minum di batam

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      The purpose of this research are (1) to analyze the influence of fairly compensation, which covers dimensions salary, bonus, and incentive toward employer’s work satisfaction, (2) to analyze the influence of fairly compensation toward work satisfaction, and (3) to investigate the influence of employer’s performance which covers quantity, quality, on time job, cost effectiveness, and controlling toward employer’s work satisfaction. The method that is utilized in this research is analytical-descriptive and quantitative method. The research focus is to analyze the influence of employer’s performance toward employer’s work satisfaction. For sampling design and technique used is simple sampling technique. Data collecting through questioner is a main instrument and supported by literature study, observation technique and interview. The data collected and analyzed by using statistic analysis technique with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in complete model.The result of research shows that (1) fairly compensation had significantly influenced toward employer’s work satisfaction, (2) fairly compensation gives positive and significant influence toward employer’s work satisfaction, and (3) employer’s performance gives positive and significant influence toward the employer’s work satisfaction. For better employer’s performance and satisfacion, the firm must be care about the increasing of employer’s need.

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      fairly compensation, job performance, and employer’s work satisfaction,

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