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Vol. 21 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-08

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The higher education service institution and its dynamic sustainability: a journey from culture-strategy relationship and open system model of human resource system reviews to modified service triangle models

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  1. Hermawanto*1
  1. Economics and Business Faculty, Airlangga University

Abstract :

One of the important issues in competitive strategy is ensuring that corporate strategy is sustainable. Nowadays customer requirement evolve and, as result, operational capabilities also need to evolve, therefore, achieving sustainability also requires strategy to engage with the dynamic processes of innovation and change. Key to such sustainability and dynamism are innovation and change. In addition, the interplay between strategy and culture plays a crucial role in organizational performance. This inspects such relationships within the context of higher education institution.Literature on innovation-based sustainability suggests three key elements: learning, appropriation, and path dependency. Drawing on such a paradigm in order to apply it to service institutions requires an integrated outlook that puts together a comprehensive look at all stakeholders (students, employees, operational system) as well as the understanding of an applicable and coherent service concept. For this, Davis’ culture-strategy relationship, Albrecht’s service triangle, and Wright & Snell’s open system model of human resources management are reviewed and analyzed.A modified service triangle approach is thereafter proposed, as a tenable recommendation for service delivery in higher education institutions. Implications are likewise drawn for the assessment of managerial competence and behavior in such a step.

Keyword :

Dynamics sustainability, new roles of HRM, culture-strategy relationship, competence-behavior in open system model of the human resource system, modified service triangle model, higher educational institution,

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