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Vol. 1 / No. 3 / Published : 2006-01

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Original Article :

The role of biotechnology in foodsafey

Author :

  1. Bambang Wirjatmadi*1
  1. Department of Public Health Nutrition, Public Health Faculty, Airlangga University

Abstract :

Bioteknologi is a science integrity that can be used to set new applied technology in the spectrum of agriculture, animal husbundary, fishery and medical. Biotechnology can be used as a modern technology to develop raw material in order to produce a benefit quality and quantity products. Biotechnology in the area of food have been developed several years ago. Results of the development of biotechnology in food crops have produced new generation of food crops with quality development of increasing quantity and nutrition value or pest and disease resistance. Several plants have been tried such tomato, grain, cassava, corn and beans. Even though the food crops biotechnology will expect to produce a benefit production, but the side effect of using this products should take in to consideration. These productiobn may give a negative impact for the human such as toxicity allergy anaphulactic shock.

Keyword :

biotechnology, food crops, food safety,

References :

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Volume : 1 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2008-01
  1. Food consumption pattern of mother, length of exclusive breastfeeding, and the development of baby/ child weight
  2. The role of biotechnology in foodsafey
  3. Influence of sugar addition and types of drying method towards products of sweetened seaweed
  4. The scarcity of food availability and food consumption pattern of under welfare families in food insecurity period
  5. The diagnosis of malnutrition
  6. Difference of anemia prevalence and finess between female adolescent of islamic boardings school in coastal area and non coastal area
  7. The correlation of iodine and tiosianat level, and food consumption pattern to the incidence of goitre among school age children in endemic and non-endemic area
  8. Correlation of food consumption to anemia status among elementary school students in endemic area of malaria