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Majalah Ilmu Faal Indonesia

ISSN 0215-1995

Vol. 11 / No. 2 / Published : 2016-09

TOC : 6, and page :80 - 83

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Administration of sembukan’s leaves extract improve blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus animal model

Author :

  1. Steven Christian Susianto*1
  2. Yuani Setiawati*2
  3. Raden Argarini*3
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran
  3. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran

Abstract :

Introduction: Paederia foetida contains iridoid glycosides which has anti hyperglycemic effect. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to know the effect of sembukan’s leaves extract administration to blood glucose level decrement in diabetes mellitus animal model and compared it to glibenclamide. Method: This research was a experimental laboratory which separated post test only group design. The subjects were 25 male mice (Mus musculus) aged 3 months with the average of 28.8±4.2 g in weight and were divided into 5 groups, control group K2,K3,K4,5 subsequently given 10 mg/kgBW glibenclamide, 125 mg/kgBW, 250 mg/kgBW and 500 mg/kgBW sembukan’s leaves extract . Subjects were inducted with 40 mg/kgBW streptozotocin for 5 days. 2 hours after the treatment, oral glucose tolerance was done. Data were processed using One Way Annova and LSD testing with SPSS program 20. Result: The result of the research showed that Paederia foetida 125 mg/kgBW gives the highest effect in decreasing the blood glucose level compared to the 250 mg/kgBW and 500 mg/kgBW and higher compared to glibenclamide (p=0.026). Conslusion: In conclusion, sembukan’s leaf extract could decrease blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus’s animal with the best decrement potential on 125 mg/kgBW and still higher compared to the glibenclamide.

Keyword :

Diabetes Mellitus, Streptozotocin, Paederia foetida, Blood glucose level,

References :

  1. Kapadia, (1979). Revised structure of paederoside, a novel monoterpene S-methyl thio carbonate. Vol. 22:1937-1938 : Tetrahedron letters
  2. Arief, (2006). Tumbuhan Obat dan Khasiatnya. Seri 3. Hal. 60-63 : Jakarta: Swadaya


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