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Majalah Ilmu Faal Indonesia

ISSN 0215-1995

Vol. 6 / No. 3 / Published : 2007-10

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Pemberian tambahan kalsium pada masa pertumbuhan terhadap tebal tulang kortikal dan trabekular

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  1. Yuliati -*1
  2. Gadis Meinar Sari*2
  3. Sunarko Setyawan*3
  4. Sri Hendromartana*4
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Abstract :

This research was aimed to investigate calcium dietary supplement influence on cortical dan trabecular bone thickness. The separate pretest – posttest control group design was used on rattus metabolic model. The rats were chosen by criteria’s mentioned as male, one and a half month of age and grouped into 3 different groups. First group was pretest group, the second was given calcium supplement (calcium lactate 27 mg/200 g BW/day) orally during 2 months and the last one was posttest group. Cortical and trabecular bone thickness were determined by objective micrometer (micron) on cross sectional histological-femoral slide. The result were shown as trabecular bone thickness in pretest group 16,3  5,7402; calcium dietary group 27,4  4,8270; and posttest group 35  4,577. Cortical bone thickness found in pretest group 5,1  1,8841; calcium dietary group 22,1  1,2450; and posttest group 20,625  2,1360. There was a significant difference due to response of trabecular bone thickness between calcium dietary and posttest group (p=0,047), but not in cortical bone thickness (p=0,056).

Keyword :

bone strength, cortical bone, trabecular bone, calcium lactat,

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