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ISSN 2015-8930

Vol. 20 / No. 2 / Published : 2004-05

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Intracellular localization of p24 and p40 of borna disease virus (bdv) in oligodendrites cells defined by antibodies and their pathogenic potential

Author :

  1. Fedik A. Rantam*1
  1. Department of Virology and Immunology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University, Institut of Virology, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Abstract :

Borna Disease Virus (BDV) is viral disease with the negative implications in the central nervuos system (CNS). Naturally of BDV infected sheep, hors but at the last decade this virus can isolated from human peripheral blood mononuclears (PBMCs) of pesichiatric disorders patient. The role of pathogenesis of viral infection in the cells are p24 and p40. The p24 and p40 are protein immunogen of Borna Disease Virus (BDV). The oligodendrites cells was infected BDV 1 m.o.i. These protein were easily detectable over the cellular background by double indirect immunofluorescence assay staining using monoclonal and polyclonal antibody specific structural protein of BDV, and silver staining of electrophoretically separated proteins. Analysis p24 and p40 by double indirect immunofluorescence assay showed that p24 were expressed early in intranucleulus after 24 hour post infecteion and p40 expressed in nucleus. The differentiation expression of protein showed that p24 have important role of infection in the cell and p40 was expressed later in cytoplasmic and induced cytotoxic effect on neuron cells through IL-1 and TNF. So the both of these protein as key caused psychiatric disorder with the immunological implication.

Keyword :

p24 and p40, oligodendrites cells, intranucleulus, intranuclear, pathological implication. ,

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