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ISSN 2015-8930

Vol. 26 / No. 3 / Published : 2010-09

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Moleculer study on atp synthase fo subunit 8 ( atp8) gene of mitochondrial dna tarsius sp.

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      Tarsius is an endemic species in Indonesian that is threatened. In situ and ex situ conservation of this wildlife will get more complete results if the characteristics and genetic diversity of sources is known with certainty. The purpose of this research is to examine the ATP8 genes of mitochondrial DNA Tarsius bancanus, Tarsius spectrum and Tarsius dianae in molecular. The results of ATP8 gene sequencing using primers ATP8F and ATP8R obtained nucleotide sequence of 201 bases after multiple aligned with other primates are taken from Gene bank using the software Clustal W. The results of analysis using MEGA program version 4.2 obtained 50 different nucleotide sites and 20 sites of different amino acids. Genetic distances based on nucleotide sequences of ATP8 genes analyzed using Kimura 2-parameter in the smallest value of 0 %, the largest value of 26.7% and an average of 13.4%. Phylogenetic tree using the Neighbor joining method with bootstrap values for 1000 times can distinguish between T. dianae (from Central Sulawesi), T. spectrum (from North Sulawesi) and T. bancanus (from Lampung, South Sumatra).

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      Tarsius sp., ATP8 genes, DNA sequences,

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