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Media Kedokteran Hewan [MKH]

ISSN : 2015-8930

Volume 26 / Nomor : 2 / Published : 2010-05

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  1. Antiproliferation effect of the n-hexanal extract of kesum (polygonum minus) at the cells of the rat lung cancer effort exploiting of kesum as drug of lung cancer
  2. Antiproliferation Effect Of The N-hexanal Extract Of Kesum (polygonum Minus) At The Cells Of The Rat Lung Cancer Effort Exploiting Of Kesum As Drug Of Lung Cancer
  3. Invitro Maturation Of Domestic Cat (felis Catus Ovarian Oocytes Fater Being Stored At 4o C
  4. Concentrations Of Liver And Plasma Malondealdehyde (mda) Of Sprague Dawley Rats Injected By Ketamine-xylazine Hcl Anesthetics
  5. Protein profile of sporozoite of leucocytozoon sp. from culicoides sp.
  6. Expression Of Cd4+ T Cell, Interleukin-2 And Interleukin-4 On Splenectomy Balb/c Mice Post-exposore Salmonela Typhi
  7. The Profile Of Antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (sod) In Liver Of Isoflavon, Zn, And Vitamins E-treated Rats
  8. Species Identification Of Coagulase Positive Staphylococci (cps) By Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (pcr)
  9. Species identification of coagulase positive staphylococci (cps) by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr)
  10. Mechanisms Underlying Abortion In Dexamethatione Treatment At Ewe In Midgestation
  11. Antibody Against Prolactin: As A Teraphy For Molting Duck
  12. Optimization of temperature and cellulase ph from rumen bacteria isolation of beef cattle
  13. Antiproliferation Effect Of The N-heksana Extract Of Kesum (polygomon Minus) At The Cells Of The Rat Lung Cancer: Effort Explotting Of Kesum As Drug Of Lung Cancer
  14. Effect Of Supplementation Of Ccows Or Direcly To Calves On Calf Performence In Bali Catlle Grazing Communal Pastures