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Vol. 18 / No. 3 / Published : 2002-12

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The effect of polyglactine 910 external support on autologous vein graft adaptation to the arterial circulation

Author :

  1. Bambang Sektiari L.*1
  1. Laboratorium Diagnostik Klinik dan Radiologi, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya

Abstract :

Arterial reconstruction with vein grafts are more frequently fail than with arterial grafts. One of the causes of the graft failure is the damage due to overstrectching of the graft wall. The aim of this study was to evaluate wether damage due to overstrecthing can be prevented and a gradual adaptation of the vein graft to the arterial blood pressures can be induced by applying a polyglactine 910 around the vein graft. Jugular veins(ID 6,6 ± 0,3 mm; 3 cm length) harvested by ‘’ no touch’’ technique were cuffed with polyglactine 910 conduits (ID 4 mm) covering also the anastomosis sites and were implanted into autologous porcine carotide artery. The grafts were explanted at 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 3 weeks. The grafts were patent at 1 hour, day 1, week 1 and week 3 respectively. The immunohistoenzymic assays revealed an intense staining for vWF in the subendothelial layers, refleting an pertubed endothelial function in the early postoperatory period. The DNA synthesis remained very low levels on the luminal surface up to 3 weeks and the high thrombomodulin activity of vein endothelium was remained up to 3 weeks. The vein grafts showed a preservation of the smooth muscle cell layers and the elastic laminae, with only a few macrophage infiltrated into the vein graft wall. However, the wall of vein graft gradually adapted to the arterial circulation by the formation of regular circumferentially oriented celluler layers beneath the original longitudinally oriented smooth muscle cell layers.

Keyword :

Polyglactine 910, Autologous Vein Graft, endothelium, smooth muscle cell.,

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    Volume : 18 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2002-12
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