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Masyarakat, Kebudayaan dan Politik

ISSN Lama 0216-2407, Baru 2086-7050

Vol. 18 / No. 4 / Published : 2005-10

TOC : 6, and page :67 - 80

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Analisis daya dukung gua untuk pengembangan ekowisata (studi kasus: gua gong dan gua tabuhan, kabupaten pacitan)

Author :

  1. Chafid Fandeli & Tjahyo Nugroho Adji*1
  1. Dosen FISIP Universitas Gajah Mada

Abstract :

This research was conducted within the ecotourism object of Gong and Tabuhan caves, Punung sub-district, Pacitan Regency, east Java. The objectives of this research is to asses the potency of speleolothem of these caves and also to evaluate the characteristic, number as well as the behaviour of their tourist in conjuction with the tourism object. Research is also aimed to devine cave carrying capacity in terms of Discomfort index (DI) with parameter of micro-climatic condition inside the cave. Secondary series data of the tourist were collected, and observation by interview was conducted in order to descripe the charecteristics and behaviour of tourist within these two caves. Next, cave measured by mapping (III B-grade) was also carried out in line with the inventory of speleothem) to fully descripe the cave potency for ecotourism purpose. The cave micro-climate is represented by measurement of tempereture and relative humidity along the day. Lastly, analysis of discomfort index was conducted to compare this value within the weekend day againts week day. The result indicates that the most tourists of these two caves may not be considered as an eco-tourist since their intention for just getting relaxed in this area. In consequences, it seem that the degradation of cave speleothem occur due to the behaviour by some tourist activities. Then, the mapping of speleothem show that Gong cave may be classified in class D (complete and active) while all the speleothem in Tabuhan Cave have already been weathered. Furthermore, the result of micro-climatic condition in Gong Cave confirms that visitors ascended the temperature by almost equal to 3,5°C, whereas it declined the relative humidity value by maximum of 30%, and altered the value of discomfort index into the strongly discomfort condition.

Keyword :

ecotourism, charateristics and behavioral of tourist, ., ., .,

References :

  1. Hall, C.M., and Weiler, B, (1992). what Special about Special Interest Tourism?. New York : Belhaven Press
  2. Prosser, R, (1999). Societal Change and the Growth in Alternative Tourism, Ecotourism. A Sustainable Option ?. Chichester : John Wiley & Sons


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Volume : 18 / No. : 4 / Pub. : 2005-10
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