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Masyarakat, Kebudayaan dan Politik

ISSN Lama 0216-2407, Baru 2086-7050

Vol. 23 / No. 4 / Published : 2010-10

TOC : 9, and page :330 - 335

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Karakter maskulin pemerintahan bush

Author :

  1. Edi Dwi Riyanto1*1
  1. Departemen Sastra Inggris, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya

Abstract :

George Walker Bush decision to invade Iraq was a conterversial policy. It was donewithout any endorsement from the United nations. Millions of Americans also protested againstthis unpopular war. This paper was an attempt to understand the background of the policy basedon feminist theory especially as proposed by Marion Young. This theory would be used toanalyse the controversial behavior of Bush as the president and main character of United Statesadministration. By observing his behaviour it would be possible to draw his leadership character.The main objects of this research were Bush real action and the discourse he built to support hisaction. The main resources were news from the newspaper and internet and others. Using MarionYoung’s proposition it was found that Bush put himself as a dominating male againts Americancitizens. As a dominating male his duty was to protect his citizens. To establish and maintain hisdomination Bush created a discourse that there was and would always be ‘other(s)’ as a threat.This discourse was sometime based on false evidence. Bush had done great efforts to makepeople agree with his point of view that there was a danger from some Iraqi people and that thedanger must be eliminated. At the same time Bush positioned United States citizens as the‘protected’ and dominated by which they became the victims of the policy. In conclusion Bushadministration was a strongly masculine type.

Keyword :

Bush policy, dominating male, masculine, controversial policy, leadership character,

References :

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