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Masyarakat, Kebudayaan dan Politik

ISSN Lama 0216-2407, Baru 2086-7050

Vol. 23 / No. 4 / Published : 2010-10

TOC : 5, and page :293 - 303

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Penanganan keluhan publik pada birokrasi dinas perijinan

Author :

  1. Suryadi*1
  1. Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi,Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

Abstract :

Complaints provide bureaucracy with an opportunity to recover from their mistakes,retain dissatisfied public, and influence public future attitudes and behavior. An effectivecompliant management can be an important quality improvement tool that allows bureaucracy toincrease public satisfaction, loyalty, and profits. This study sought to understand the publicbureaucracy of Dinas Perijinan Kota Malang in handling the public complaints. The qualitativeapproach was employed in this research with the subjects of bureaucracy staff and service users.The interactive analysis model was used to gather data needed by employing the procedure ofdata reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing, and the data was tested to know theirreliability by using level the credibility, transferability, dependability and conformability. Theresult of this research showed that the public bureaucracy of Dinas Perijinan classified thecomplaints into three degrees of problems, they were small, medium and big problems. Inhandling these complaints, the public bureaucracy of Dinas Perijinan divided the handling of thecomplaints to be direct and indirect ways of handling. The direct handling was done by givingexplanation and trying to get solution directly. The indirect handling was done by positioning thecomplaints as inputs in developing system and formulating appropriate service policy. But, thedirect handling on the complaints often be used to fulfill the private interest of bureaucrat bydirecting public to ask for bureaucrat’s help finishing their problem. While the indirect handlingon the complaints failed to simplify the complexity of requirements as the major problem whichwere complained by the public.

Keyword :

handling complaints, public service, bureaucracy, compliant management, public satisfaction,

References :

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