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Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi

ISSN 0854-0381

Vol. 21 / No. 3 / Published : 2013-09

TOC : 4, and page :104 - 108

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Post void residual reduction by administering misoprostol during post caesarean section

Author :

  1. Azami Denas Azinar*1
  2. Gatut Hardianto*2
  1. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran

Abstract :

Urinary retention, often found in postnatal women, is the inability to evacuate the urine in the bladder. Misoprostol is widely used toinduce labor and to manage postnatal bleeding, but it also has another function that is to evoke detrussor muscle contraction.Theobjective of this study was to determine the effect of misoprostol in Caesarean section on urine retention by measuring residualmaternal urine 6 hours after catheter removal. This was atrue experimental study, single-blindrandomized controlled in Dr. SoetomoHospital Surabaya on April-May 2013.Subjects were patients with post-Caesarean section were randomly divided into 2 groups. Thetreatment group was given misoprostol 600 mcg rectally. The control group was not given misoprostol. 24 hours post-Caesareansection the catheter was removed. When the first patient was to urinate after catheter removal, residual urine was measured bycatheterization. Analysis showed significant differences in post-void residual (p = 0.000). Post-void residual in misoprostol group(11±7.182 cc) was fewer than that in group not receiving misoprostol (43.5±21.157 cc). In conclusion,misoprostol reducespost-voidresidual in post-Caesarean section patients.(MOG 2013;21:104-108)

Keyword :

Misoprostol, post void residual, Caesarean section, Urinary retention, -,

References :

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Volume : 21 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2013-09
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