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Pediomaternal Nursing Journal

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Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-12

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Analysis of antenatal care visit of pregnant mother with preeclampsia a health belief model approach

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  1. Ratri Dyah Fitrasari*1
  2. Ni Ketut Alit A*2
  3. Retnayu Pradanie*3
  1. mahasiswa
  2. pembimbing I
  3. Pembimbing II

Abstract :

Introduction: Antenatal care (ANC) is an examination and monitoring of pregnancy to optimize mental and physical health of pregnant women. Visit antenatal care can detect pregnancy complication, including preeclampsi. preeclampsi is pregnancy disease with hypertension sign, oedema,   and proteinuria. Regular antenatal care will decrease risk or mortally in pregnant woman with preeclampsi. This research was aimed to analyze correlation between antenatal  care  visit  using  health  belief  model  approach  at  Policlinic  of  Bangil  General Hospital. Method: Design in this study was descriptive analytic. Total sample were 20 pregnant woman with  preeclampsi.  This  study  used  independent  and  dependent  variables.  Independent variable  was  component  of  health  belief  model.  It  consists  of  perceived  susceptibility, perceived  severity,  perceived  benefit,  perceived  barriers,  and  cues  to  action.  Dependent variable was antenatal care visit on pregnant woman with preeclampsi. Data were collected using structured questionnairs and were analysed using Spearman’s Rho.Result: Results showed that perceived suscebtibilty have no correlation with regular   ANC visit (p = 0.463).  Perceived severity (p = 0.002), perceived benefit (p = 0.014), perceived barrier (0.019), and cues to action factor (p = 0.001). It can be concluded that health belief model component have correlatiom to do ANC visit regularly.Discussion: It is recommended to health worker at Policlinic   Bangil General Hospital to give adequate information frequently to pregnant woman with preeklamsi. Further studies are needed to analyze the antenatal care visit on pregnant women with preeclampsia based on the other theories.

Keyword :

antenatal, model, preeclampsia, visit, approach,

References :

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