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Pediomaternal Nursing Journal

ISSN 2355-1577

Vol. 4 / No. 1 / Published : 2017-10

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Education and training of posyandu cadres on multisensory stimulation in infants

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  1. Ilya Krisnana*1
  2. Praba Diyan Rachmawati*2
  3. Iqlima Dwi Kurnia*3
  1. Dosen Fakultas Keperawatan
  2. Dosen Fakultas Keperawatan
  3. Dosen Fakultas Keperawatan

Abstract :

Introduction: Development is an important aspect in a child's life especially in the first year of life of the baby. Skills on multisensory stimulation should be owned by people who have an important role in providing information about health to mothers in the community ie Posyandu cadre. Method: Activities are conducted through health education and training to Posyandu cadres. The evaluation was conducted using pre and post test questionnaires. Result: There is an average increase of questionnaire result value from the mean score of 7.65 to 9.6. Discussion: Health cadres are the primary health care provider or provider of primary health information. The role of cadres as information providers should be supported by strong knowledge and understanding of multisensory stimulation materials. 

Keyword :

Cadre, Posyandu, Multisensory stimulation, infant,

References :

  1. White, T.R., Nelson, M. & Silvestri, J, (2002). Effect of Auditory, Tactile, Visual, and Vestibular Intervention on Length of Stay, Alertness, and Feeding Progression in Preterm Infants. 44 : Dev Med Child Neurol


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Volume : 4 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2017-10
  1. Improving knowledge of posyandu cadre about pmt to prevent malnutrition on children
  2. Education and training of posyandu cadres on multisensory stimulation in infants