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Pediomaternal Nursing Journal

ISSN 2355-1577

Vol. 2 / No. 0 / Published : 0000-00

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Hubungan perilaku ibu dalam pemenuhan nutrisi dengan status gizi balita

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  1. Eveline Paskalia M*1
  2. Yuni Sufyanti Arif*2
  3. Kristiawati*3
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Keperawatan
  2. Dosen Fakultas Keperawatan
  3. Dosen Fakultas Keperawatan

Abstract :

      Introduction: The behavior of a mother is one of the indirect causes of nutritional status that can be changed. Mother behavior was a change factor to prevent a problem nutritional status. Mother behavior consists of knowledge, attitudes, and fulfilment actions of nutrition for toddlers. The purpose of this study was to analyze the behavior of the mother towards nutritional status of toddlers. Method: This research method is descriptive analytical cross sectional approach. The sample were 21 mother toddlers ( 24-59 months ) in Kabuna Village used purposive sampling technique based on inclusion criteria. Data were collected through questionnaires, observation sheet of food recall 2x24 hours and KMS toddlers. Result: Used Bivariate analysis with Spearman rho was found a statistically significant relationship between knowledge ( p = 0.004 ), mother attitude ( p = 0.000 ), and mother measures ( p = 0.048 ) on the nutritional status of toddlers. Discussion: Based on the result of statistical test in the study was found had a relationship between mother knowledge, positive attitudes and actions mother with nutritional status of toddlers. As one of the indirect causes of nutritional status in Kabuna, Mother behavior classified as having enough knowledge about the influence of nutrition so that a positive attitude in the mother of nutrition action to improve and maintain the nutritional status of children. Most of mother that had adequate knowledge about nutrition can be affect the mothers positive attitude in the act of nutrition to improved and maintain the nutritional status of toddlers.

Keyword :

mother behaviour, nutritional status, toddler,

References :

  1. Adriani dan Wirjatmadi, (2012). Pengantar Gizi Masyarakat. . Jakarta : Kencana


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