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Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-08

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Poetry mechanics in digital digital poetry anthology multimedia foundation cyberpuitika literature

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  1. Encik Savira Isnah*1
  1. Departemen Sastra Indonesia FIB Unair

Abstract :

Thesis entitled "The Mechanics of Digital Poetry Poetry Anthologies LiteratureDigital Multimedia Cyberpuitika Foundation" aims to uncover the characteristics orprofile of digital poetry anthology Poetry Digital Cyberpuitika. This study uses thetheory of pure structuralism. Through the analysis of such structures can be exposedstructure and workings of the structure. The analysis is then followed by usingMicrosoft Power Point theory to unravel the implications of the text or the integrityof digital poetry. Based on a series of analyzes that can be identified on the APDCpoems contain elements that the choice of words, the use of style, the game soundsand flavor processing (image) is used as a text accountability. Furthermore, the useof media computer with Microsoft Power Point program on each slide poetry andapplications show how the poem is to apply the color, motion, picture, and sound. Italso shows the implications of digitization on poetry, digitization makes the textmore lively and feel, the reader focused on the purpose of the existence of the digitalelements, so that the intent and purpose of the text right on target and reduce therisk of multiple interpretations of poetry by readers. But on the other side ofdigitizing resulted focus fragmented poetry. That is because no merging of digitalelements that gave rise to a new interpretation. For example, the poem rememberLesli basuki, bring an element of motion deviated interpretation of taste elementsgenerated by the text, the text offered by the feel is a sense of longing and sadnessmingle, but with the emergence of rapid movement suggests a sense of passionate ordo not hurry more subtle as desired text

Keyword :

characteristics of digital poetry, structuralism, the implications of digitization,

References :

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