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Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-08

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Speech act award between teachers and students learning in teaching smp state in district 2 bringin ngawi: study pragmatics

Author :

  1. Ayu Resti Widayanti*1
  1. Departemen Sastra Indonesia FIB Unair

Abstract :

This study aimed to describe the award said the teacher to the student in the Junior High School 2Bringin. In particular, this study aims to (1) describe the way teachers in giving awards to students inJunior High School 2 Bringin, (2) describe a form of speech act between teacher awards to students inJunior High School 2 Bringin, and (3) describe the function of speech acts teacher award and students atthe junior High School 2 Bringin. The results of the first study, there are five ways to use ilokusi awardinterpretation, namely (1) how to strengthen, (2) how to rule, (3) how further ado, (4) how to criticize, (5)I approve. The results of the second study, there were two beings, namely (1) the form of the award saidthat direct and indirect, (2) the form of said award based on the focus of personal and impersonal. Theresults of a third study, there are five award functions namely (1) refine the order, (2) refining reprimand,(3) provide reinforcement, (4) greets, and (5) admissions.

Keyword :

speech acts, ilokusi, pragmatic,

References :

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