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Veterinaria Medika

ISSN 1979-1305

Vol. 9 / No. 3 / Published : 2016-11

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Effect of vitamin e and vitamin c combination as preventive measure on the leydig cell number in mice (mus musculus) treated with borax

Author :

  1. Citra Ayu Pramesti*1
  2. Arimbi*2
  3. Pudji Srianto*3
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan
  3. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Abstract :

The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of vitamin E and Ccombination as preventive measure on Leydig cells number in mice (Mus musculus)treated with borax. Twenty five male micesof BALB/c strain divided into five groups; P1(vitamin control) was given 28 mg/Kg /day of vitamin C solution combinated 105 mg/Kg/day of vitamin E solution, P2 (borax control) was given 260 mg/Kg/day of borax,P3 was given combination of 28 mg/Kg/day vitamin C and 105 mg/Kg/day vitamin Esolutions and 260 mg/Kg/ day of boraks, P4 was given combination of 56 mg/Kg /dayof vitamin C and 210 mg/Kg/day of vitamin E solutions and 260 mg/Kg/day of borax, P5was given combination of 112 mg/Kg/day of vitamin C and 420 mg/Kg/day of vitaminE solutions and 260 mg/Kg/day of borax. Borax solution on P3, P4 and P5 groups treatedin an hour after each groups treated with combination of vitamin C and E solutions.The treatment were given by oral gavage for 14 days. The result indicated there was asignificant difference (P< 0.05) between P1 (vitamin control) and P2 (boraks control)group. Significant difference also shown on P2 (boraks control) with P3, P4, P5 groups.There was indicated that combination of vitamin C and vitamin E increased the numberof normal Leydig cell of mice (Mus musculus) treated with borax.

Keyword :

Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Leydig cell, mice, borax,

References :

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Volume : 9 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2016-11
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