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Veterinaria Medika

ISSN 1979-1305

Vol. 3 / No. 3 / Published : 2010-11

TOC : 14, and page :221 - 230

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Expression of adhf-36kda protein towards osmolarity and ph in vitro environmental of salmonella typhi (as study to adhesin molecule-based candidate vaccine for typhoid fever)

Author :

  1. I Nengah Kundera*1
  2. Sanarto Santoso*2
  3. Aulanni’am*3
  4. Sri Winarsih*4
  1. FMIPA Universitas Tadulako
  2. FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya
  3. FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya
  4. FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya

Abstract :

Salmonella Typhi is a gram-negative pathogen cause of typhoid fever disease, and continous to be distressing health problem worldwide. The outbreak infection deseases to spread very related of virulence factor, pathogensis, and ability adaptation of Salmonella Typhi and live at animal, human bodys and environmental. AdhF-36kDa protein is a subunit protein to considered responsible for the adhesion and colonization factors of Salmonella Typhi.This research aims to determine the expression of AdhF-36kDa protein for osmolarity and pH in vitro environmental of Salmonella Typhi, as study to adhesin molecule-based candidate vaccine for typhoid fever. Strains used in this research originated from patients with typhoid fever in the Saiful Anwar hospital-Malang. The results showed stability expression of AdhF-36kDa protein on exposure to osmolarity, and tends to increase until at a concentration of 350mM NaCl. However, different treatment and pH changes in protein AdhF-36kDa expression patterns from pH4,5 to 6,0 because of the result in bend profiles SDS-PAGE protein increased concentration thinner pH. This proves that the change environmental signals affect the virulence factor of Salmonella Typhi, which is regulated by genes fimYZ. Therefore AdhF-36kDa protein, as known subunit protein fimbriae type-1 as potential developed vaccine candidate, because expression this protein stable when the environment signal changes.

Keyword :

AdhF-36kDa protein, Salmonella Typhi, osmolarity, pH, .,

References :

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Volume : 3 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2010-11
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