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ISSN 1979-1305

Vol. 4 / No. 1 / Published : 2011-02

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Production and specificity testing of monoclonal antibodies to bovine zonna pellucida 3 deglycosylated (mab-bzp3dg) for woman immunocontraceptive vaccine

Author :

  1. Sutiman B. Sumitro *1
  2. Aulanni'am *2
  3. Ciptadi. G *3
  4. Soewarto. S*4
  1. Biomolecular Laboratory, Biology Department
  2. Biochemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Department , Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences
  3. Central Labolatory Of Life Sciences
  4. Departmen of obstetric and ginecology, RSSA, Brawijaya University

Abstract :

Immunocontraception has received increased interest in last decades as a potential way of controlling the rapidgrowth of Indonesian population. Development of vaccine based on zona pellucida antigens represents a promising approach to potential contraception. Recent advances in monoclonal antibody technology are enabling the development of new methods for producing specifif antibody for immunocontraception. Seven research stages wereconducted to construct monoclonal antibodies to Bovine Zonna Pellucida 3 Deglycosylated (MAb-bZP3dG). Stage1, collection Bovine Zonna Pellucida 3 Deglycosylated (bZP3dG), stage II, Immunisized mouse Balb/c by Bovine Zonna Pellucida 3 Deglycosylated (bZP3dG), stage III, Collecting spleen cells from a mouse that has been immunized with the desired antigen, stage IV  Fussion spleen cells with myeloma cells, stage V, Hybridoma screening, stage VI, single cell cloning and Monoclonal antibody production and characterization. The Resultshowed that MAb-bZP3dG were produced both hybridoma cell and ascites fluid positively and more specific reacted with antigen Bovine Zonna Pellucida 3 Deglycosylated (bZP3dG) by immunoblotting technique. MAbbZP3dG should prove useful for candidate immunocontraceptive vaccine.

Keyword :

Bovine Zonna Pellucida 3 Deglycosylated (bZP3dG), Immunocontraception, Monoclonal antibody, ., .,

References :

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Volume : 4 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2011-02
  1. Production and specificity testing of monoclonal antibodies to bovine zonna pellucida 3 deglycosylated (mab-bzp3dg) for woman immunocontraceptive vaccine
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