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Veterinaria Medika [VETMED]

ISSN : 1979-1305

Volume 1 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2008-02

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  1. Identification of staphylococcus aureus which causes mastitis with mannitol test and detection of acetoin product in dairy cattke at the farm area of suka makmur dairy cooperative grati pasuruan
  2. The influence of api - api (avicennia marina) leaves extract toward embryo resorbtion, body weight and lengh toetal mice (mus musculus)
  3. The effects of eimeria tenella infection on the spleen weight, size and white pulp diameters in the chickens primary infection and secondary infection
  4. Detection of avian influenza virus subtype h5 on stray cats (felis silvestris catus) in bandung city area
  5. The effect of alkaloid fraction of jarong (achyrantes aspera linn) on viability culture myeloma cell mice
  6. Antibacterial activity of the ethanol extract pluchea indica less leaves against escherichia coli by in vitro
  7. Identification of protein profile of sarcoptes scabiei on goats by sds-page analysis
  8. Identification of excretion-secretion protein profile of the adult haemonchus contortus with sds-page
  9. Identification of aerob cellulolytic fungi from rumen fluid waste at pegirian slaughter house surabaya
  10. The effects of supplying commercial probiotic on the quantity and quality of dairy cow milk
  11. The effect of given crude chlorella to total cholesterol blood rates on broiler chicken
  12. The effect sgot and sgpt level of whiterat ( rattus norvegicus ) that was given juice of noni ( morinda citrifolia ) and high fatty diet
  13. Utility information technology ( it ) for head surface area of spermatozoa sheep with biometric measurement methode
  14. Influence of leaf extract of sirih ( piper betle l.) to growth staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli with disk diffusion method
  15. Protein characterization of excretory secretory second stage larvae dorman against antibody anti-second stage larva toxocara canis by western blot techniques