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Veterinaria Medika [VETMED]

ISSN : 1979-1305

Volume 3 / Nomor : 2 / Published : 2010-07

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  1. The effect of caspase 3 (caspase excecutor) on apoptotic induction endometrial cancer cel by alkaloid achyranthes aspera linn in vitro
  2. Detection of inflamentation on duck moulting therapy by anti-prolactine injection
  3. The effects of eucheuma spinosum extracts on the sod (superoxide dismutase) activities on mice (rattus novergicus) induced multiple-low dose streptozotocin
  4. Ethanol extract of brown secured (sargassum duplicatum bory): phytopharmaco exploration for lung cancer therapy
  5. Using logistic and gompertz model to estimate the body weight growth of lohmann broiler chicken
  6. Case study : suspect feline infectious peritonitis (fip) of cat in surabaya
  7. The usefull of rice straw, ammoniation rice straw and soybean straw as single fed on microbial protein synthesis of ongole grade cattle
  8. Kajian lintas seksional selang beranak (calving interval) pada tingkat ternak dan peternak pada sapi perah di jawa timur
  9. Supplementation of insulin like growth factor – i complex protein of goat seminal plasma to quality of acrosome cap of sperm after centrifugation
  10. Concentration of pregnancy associated substances (pas) of ettawa crossbreed goats on several stage of pregnancy
  11. Motility and viability spermatozoa muscovy duck (cairina moschata) on the various concentration of egg yolk fructose and skim milk diluter
  12. The use of indigenous bacteria isolated from digestive tract of white shrimp, litopenaeus vannamei as microbe pathogen inhibitor
  13. Isolation and identification of coagulase-positive staphylococcus from injury on dog skin in surabaya
  14. Influence of melatonin to histopathology pancreas in rat ( rattus norvegicus ) experimentally diabetes mellitus type i