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Veterinaria Medika [VETMED]

ISSN : 1979-1305

Volume 3 / Nomor : 3 / Published : 2010-11

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  1. Garlic as an alternative disinfectant to the escherichia coli
  2. Centrifugation of goat semen at freezing process with some concentrate of egg yolk diluent to the quality of sperm
  3. Influence of the avian influenza virus subtype h5n1 infection toward sperm motility and life in long tail monkey (macaca fascicularis)
  4. Vfa concentration and acetate, propionate, butyrate molar proporsions rumen of ongole grade cattle with ammoniation rice straw, soybean straw and rice straw
  5. The activity of achyranthes aspera linn alkaloid to cause aopoptotic and dna fragmentation on breast cancer
  6. The antimitogenic effect of alkaloid achyranthes aspera linn on apoptotic induction in cell infection by mycobacterium tuberculosis
  7. Stages of vaccination and the type of vaccine used to prevent infectious disease in chickens
  8. Effect of complex of insulin like growth factor-1 and insulin like growth factor binding protein-3 on the increase number of ovarian follicle in female mice (mus musculus)
  9. Spleen weight and white pulp diameter picture in broiler chickens exposed to cronic heat stress
  10. Identification of kit-ligand from in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes with electrophoresis method
  11. Cellulolityc bacteria for increasing quality of complete feed from waste product
  12. Identification of cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk1) that express on bovine cumulus oocyte complex after a model oocyte maturation experimence
  13. Utilization of bakteriocin in the handling of sub clinical mastitis and the effect on milk quality on the number of bacteria
  14. Expression of adhf-36kda protein towards osmolarity and ph in vitro environmental of salmonella typhi (as study to adhesin molecule-based candidate vaccine for typhoid fever)
  15. Motility and live percentage test in ram’s spermatozoa in isotonic commercial liquid and egg yolk assortment extender
  16. Identification of the gene for staphylococcus aureus toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 (tsst-1) from bovine mastitis milk