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Veterinaria Medika [VETMED]

ISSN : 1979-1305

Volume 6 / Nomor : 2 / Published : 2013-07

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  1. The influence of bacteriocin as a preservation of beef to extend storage at 4°c-
  2. Influence of infusa mangosteen peel (gracinia mangostana l) for blood glucose levels of hyperglycemic rats
  3. The potential of red roses extract (rosa damascena mill) as an antiseptic stomatitis in snakes (python reticulatus) on the total number leukocyte and defferential counting of leukocytes
  4. The effect of green bitter melon fruit flesh (momordica charantia l.) extract on mice (mus musculus) estrous cycle which superovulated with pmsg and hcg
  5. The antibiotica susceptibility of escherichia coli isolated from etawa goat milk
  6. Reproductive’s efficiency of madura cattle artificial insemination result at sumenep regency in 2012
  7. Digestibility value of proteinin formula feed for the cats (felis silvestris catus)
  8. Effect of sambiloto (andrographis paniculata) extract based on histopathological changes of gouramy (osphronemus gouramy) villi intestine infected aeromonas hydrophila
  9. Comparison of hemocytometer thoma and spectrophotometer method on sperm concentration examination of merino sheep semen
  10. Profil protein hemaglutinin (ha) berdasarkan berat molekul virus avian influenza isolat lokal
  11. The effect of borax to duodenal histopathological changes in rats (rattus norvegicus)
  12. Giving probiotics to increase milk production and milk proteins of dairy cattle in gresik randu padangan village
  13. Differential time of artificial insemination on the presentage regnancy of fat tailed sheep
  14. Pengaruh vaksinasi dengue multivalen terhadap ekspresi toll-like receptor dan sel t cd4+ pada kelinci ( white new zealand )
  15. Quality test of frozen semen of etawa goat-breed’s in three different kinds of extender with water incubator examination