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Veterinaria Medika

ISSN : 1979-1305

Volume 6 / Nomor : 3 / Published : 2013-11

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  1. Effects of curcuma zedoariarosc.administration to dawley mice prior and after dmba initiation on the expression of cyp1a1 enzyme
  2. Effectiveness of crioprotectant during sperm freezing process using rapid freezing method toward the concentration of post thawing-frozen cow semen dna
  3. The effectiveness of garlic (allium sativum l.) extract in chicken broiler’s titer antibodies that vaccinated with live nd
  4. Reactivity ib (infectious bronchitis) virus field isolate passaged on embryonated chicken 1 eggs against antibody post vaccination
  5. Different animals species hairs as biological tool for the veterinary forensic assessement of three types of dogs, american pitbull terrier, german shepherd and doberman
  6. Effect of cdp-choline to reduce the amount of necrosis fibrouse astrocyte in cerebral medula of white rats (rattus novergicus) exposed by methylmercury
  7. Ethanol extract of noni fruit activity (morindacitrifolia l.) against expressions of ifn- γ at balb/c mice spleen which infected by salmonella typhimurium
  8. Study on protein expression of post-vaccination and bird flu h5n1 virus infection in chickens
  9. Detection diclazuril-resistant eimeria tenella at one of local poultry in kediri
  10. Combination effect of echinacea purpurea and andrographis paniculata as hepatoprotector in white rat exposed by heat stress-
  11. The featuring liver histpathology of aeromonas hydrophila infected common gouramy (osphronemus gouramy lac.) that treated meniran (phyllanthus niruri linn.) leaf infusum
  12. Taking casein from expired skim milk
  13. Potential of concentrate feed and lactation periods on milk production and lactosa dairy cattle friesian holstein crossbred
  14. The effect of tea leaves (camellia sinensis) boiled, guava leaves (psidium guajava linn) boiled, and acacia skin (acacia mangium willd) boiled to physical quality of chicken eggs
  15. Early detection of brucellosis reactor on dairy cattle in kerjen village, srengat sub district, blitar district by rose bengal test