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ISSN 1979-1305

Vol. 3 / No. 2 / Published : 2010-07

Order : 5, and page :105 - 108

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Original Article :

Using logistic and gompertz model to estimate the body weight growth of lohmann broiler chicken

Author :

  1. Wayan Surya Wardhani*1
  2. Era Prima Febrian Setiarini*2
  1. FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya
  2. FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya

Abstract :

It is very important to find out the maximum growth rate of chicken weight so that it could be used as a guideline for the farmer to give the chicken a special treatment at certain age for them to have a heavy body weight in a shorter time. The objective of this research is to fit the Lohmann chicken body weight growth by a Logistic-Gompertz model. The weight observation was done from day one to day 61 in 3-day interval. The parameter estimation used an iterative-non linier method. The model accuracy was tested by coefficient of determination (R2 ). The research result showed that acombined of Logistic-Gompertz model was suitable in describing the chicken body weight growth, means that Logistic model was appropriate to describe the chicken body weight growth in the interval 1 to 30 days with R2 is morethan 99% ; the maximum growth rate occurred at the same age, that is at age 19 to 20 days. Gompertz model was suitable in describing the body weight growth in the interval 31 to 61 days.

Keyword :

body weight, Gompertz, Logistic, ., .,

References :

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