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 liquid fertilizer waste sardinella fish (sardinella sp.)  lembaga internasional  lipid peroksida  larutan garam
 liquid waste  lapindo  labuhan sarangan  limfoma non hodgkin
 limiting amino acid  lactic acid bacteria  lemon peel  lisin
 laboratory  limousine bull  lembaga bimbingan belajar  
 lactation does  l. pneumophila  larangan berjilbab  
 local culture  logam berat  leisure studies  
 lga  legend  lilik sriwiyati  
 labial bows  local community  layanan pusat deposit bahan pustaka  
 liberalization  leader member exchange (lmx)  language variations  
 ligustrosid  lumpur lapindo  language variation  
 light cured  learning motivation  lamellar ichthyosis  
 localized gingival enlargement  l2 reading motivation  lernaea cyprinacea  
 lodoxamide tromethamine  leadership style  laju pertumbuhan  
 low lactose milk  leadership  lubis  
 loyal  locution  local sea cucumber  
 long face surgical correction  legacy  langerhans cell histiocytosis  
 lip and allar base anthropometric dimensions  land  low-salt diet  
 loss of attachment  leadership style  local wisdom  
 love affair  local autonomy  loyalty  
 lentinus edodes  lyrics  lichen simplex chronicus  
 lozenges  lactobacillus acidophilus  ling tien kung  
 l-carnitine  luka bakar  linear regression  
 liver  lamtoro leaves  long term contraceptive method  
 level of nutrient consumption  local community model  level of blood plumbum  
 local budget  learning transfer  ladder of participation  
 library  labour  life skills  
 legal responsibility  low birth  lovaas method  
 learning  life satisfaction  lead (pb)  
 learning patterns  lupus nephritis  labor’s need  
 legal and illegal female workers; migration decision making; migration determinant  larva kepiting bakau  land and building tax  
 labour insurance  lead exposure  lung ultrasound  
 ldl  limbal dermoid  licensing services innovation  
 leprosy  low impact aerobic exercise  low birth weight  
 left main artery coronary stenosis (lmca); percutaneus transluminal coronary angioplasty (ptca); stent  lupus panniculitis  lineage switch  
 learning module  levofloxacin  legislation  
 local sectoral development planning  leaf extracts of sida rhombifolia linn  lotions  
 laryngeal tuberculosis  lavender  lactobacillus plantarum  
 lp(a)  lipofilm microemulsion  local elections  
 lead intoxication  laboratory services  lipoprotein(a)  
 ligustrosid  library and information services center  lip print pattern  
 lh  literasi informasi  lincoln  
 laser biomodulation  lansia  language maintenance  
 length of the shof sholat  licensing services  lingkungan hidup  
 lead  librarian  lactobacillus acidophillus  
 linear systems of observer  land acquisition  laser principles  
 leptin serum  librarian profession  latex allergy  
 lyzozyme  loyalitas konsumen  langerhans cell histiocytes  
 local hen  laser nd:yag  liposuction  
 law protection  lesbian basketball player  language attitude  
 laser  luka tembak  lexical differences  
 leverage keuangan  live feed  lexical errors  
 lamivudine  lmwha  language ideology  
 legal protection  lifestyle  learning organization  
 law firm of the stock market  lacing board  layer quail farm  
 land’s reorganization and unrest peasant in boyolali  lens thickness  leprosy's type 2 reaction  
 lipopolysaccharide  locus of control  literary sociology  
 loranthaceae daendropthoe  lbw  leucocytozoon caulleryi  
 low back pain  lactate dehydrogenase  long-acting antipsychotic injection  
 lumbar microdiscectomy  lsm tunas hijau  lactation  
 laparoscopy  lymphocyte cd4 count  lactobacillus spp  
 low birth weight infant  lemak  lung function (fev1  
 leucocytozoon  lecithin  l. reuteri  
 law  life experiences  laserpuncture  
 leptin  local government  lingkar ganja nusantara  
 livestock distribution  leukocyte  literasi media  
 leucaena leucocephala seed meal  lps  liang bua  
 leverage  lacan  legenda  
 libqual  ludruk  layanan  
 library and archives of east java  lactoferrin  literasi dini  
 low molecular weight hyaluronate  l-ascorbic acid  layanan mandiri  
 leptospirosis  liang bua 3  lipid profile  
 ligustroside  lingkungan  land and building tax urban sector  
 legislative rents  l. vannamei  low-cost carrier  
 lens  lactobacillus plantarum  look east policy  
 ludo words game  literacy  lactobacillus casei  
 library anxiety  loyalitas pelanggan  liason librartian  
 local knowledge  lanjut usia  librarianship  
 lapindo case  long use of the internet  land grabbing  
 language varieties  life table  lara croft  
 lososa  ling tien kung technique  literatur bahasa inggris  
 lps helicobacter pylori  land conflict  limbah  
 lock out tag out (loto)  liquor abuse  loyalitas  
 level ace plasma  laugh therapy  land acquisition policy  
 lactic acid  lactid acid  literasi digital guru  
 low impact dancing  learning style  lvq  
 l- carnitine  lonely  laju aliran udara  
 loranthaceae daendropthoe sp.  left lateral position  lalat  
 leukocytosis with star-flagged ()  level of pain  lysine  
 leadership effectiveness  library collection  libido  
 lis (laboratory information system)  layer farm  logistic regression  
 laboratory information system  level of teacher-efficacy  lps brucella abortus  
 lithopenaeus vannamei  leep  lipoma hipofaring