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Jurnal Penelitian Dinamika Sosial

ISSN 1411-6383

Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2000-08

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Usaha pengamanan swakarsa warga masyarakat terhadap usaha kejahatan: studi sosiologi usaha pengamanan swakarsa di daerah rawan kejahatan dan tidak rawan kejahatan di surabaya

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      This research is aims to generally describe crimes in Surabaya. Specifically, it aims to understand how is the community secure their neighbourhood from any criminal actions. Are there any forcing factors that encourage the community to enthusiastically save their neighbourhood.This research is located in two subdistricts in Surabaya : Krembangan and Semampir. These two subdistricts are chosen because they represent category of area which is determined in the research, whereas Krembangan represents the potentially dangerous area of crimes, Semampir represents safe area of crimes. Questionnaire and in-depth interview are used as tools in conducting research. Primary data is gained from chosen samples which are taken from members of community, government officials and policemen. In addition, secondary data are collected from Central Bureau of Statistic, police offices and mass media. The data, furthermore, are analysed by using qualitative methods.Through this research , it is found that the crimes have widespread to some areas in Surabaya such as Wonokromo, Wonocolo and Sawahan in South Surabaya and Krembangan, Semampir and Bubutan in North Surabaya as shown by mass media and police files. Furthermore, members of community themselves feel that criminal action are getting worse compare to some years before. It is proved by the more criminal actions in their areas. Thus, they think that they have to make their own self defence and strengthen it to secure their neighbourhood.

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      Neighbourhood Watch. Save area, unsave area, self defende, secure attempt,

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