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Majalah Ilmu Faal Indonesia

ISSN 0215-1995

Vol. 9 / No. 3 / Published : 2010-06

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level of physical fitness and physical fitness component capability grade vi elementary school (sd) pupils of jatinangor sumedang based on physical fitness test of indonesia (tkji)

Author :

  1. Harry E. Saroinsong*1
  1. Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine University Padjadjaran Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang Km 21 Bandung

Abstract :

Development of physical fitness in elementary school (=SD) pupils would be beneficial to enhance teaching and learning activities. Information level of Physical Fitness (PF) and Physical Fitness Component Capability (PFCC) of elementary school pupils as a potential resources and the next generation, about endurance of heart lung and blood vessels, muscle power and strength, flexibility and a balanced body weight loss is still very limited. This research was conducted to determine the level of PF and (PFCC) pupils of elementary school. Subjects were elementary school (SD=Sekolah Dasar) pupils of standard VI Jatinangor Sumedang Bandung, totaling 32 pupils, consisting of 15 males and 17 females, the case study method, collecting data of physical characteristics (age, height, weight and nutritional status) and physical fitness test Indonesia (TKJI= Tes Kesegaran Jasmani Indonesia). Conclusion of this research to the level of physical fitness (=PF) and physical fitness component capability (=PFCC) of elementary sixth grade pupils of Jatinangor Sumedang are generally good, but still need to be increased to improve the level of physical fitness which is of less categories. The nutritional status of the sixth grade pupils of Jatinangor Sumedang SD is generally good, but still need to be increased to improve the level of nutritional status.

Keyword :

Elementary pupils, the level of physical fitness, physical fitness components, nutritional status, physical fitness test of Indonesia (TKJI). ,

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