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Administrasi dan Kebijakan Kesehatan

ISSN 1412-8853

Vol. 3 / No. 3 / Published : 2005-09

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A Market Analysis of Obstetric Services as a Base of Marketing Program Formulation at Surabaya Hajj General Hospital

Analisis Pasar Pelayanan Persalinan Sebagai Dasar Penyusunan Program Pemasaran Rumah Sakit Haji Surabaya

Author :

  1. Nyoman Anita Damayanti --> Bagian Administrasi Kesehatan Masyarakat FKM Universitas Airlangga, Jl. Mulyorejo Kampus C UNAIR, Surabaya, 60115, Indonesia
  2. Endang Murdiati --> Rumah Sakit Haji Surabaya. Home : Jl.Simomulyo Baru 6D/5, Surabaya, Indonesia
  3. Sri Wahyuni Astuti --> Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya

Abstract :

The Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) of obstetric services at Surabaya Hajj General Hospital (SHGH) significantly decreased from 74% to 46.67% in 1999 until 2002. Many reason influenced this condition, not only from external but also from the internal side. The globalization era has influenced hospital services. Nowadays the services rendered by hospitals were focused not merely on medical substance but also on customer satisfaction. The aim of this research was to identify and to describe the market profile of SHGH by analyzing patients’ characteristics and detecting customers’ obstetric benefit, by identifying and selecting the target market, by developing SHGH positioning and by analyzing customers’ expectation. A recommendation for marketing programs will be used to increase BOR of the Surabaya Hajj General Hospital.This was a qualitative observational research using a cross-sectional approach. The total number of respondent was 100, consisted of 50 respondents who had been SHGH obstetric patients and 50 respondents who had never been SHGH patient. Carried out from May to July 2003, the location took place at SHGH obstetric wards and the households in 5 km-radius from SHGH. The result of this research showed that the respondents were well-educated (under graduate level 48%) and 75% were already SHGH’s customer. The income level of the respondents (80.6%) ranged between Rp1,000,000.00 and Rp1,500,000.00, those were already the customers of SHGH. Both patient and non-patient respondents seek the same benefit from SHGH. The customers’ benefit were access (65%), quick service (37%), tariff (33%), facilities (27%), and hospitality (22%). The occupation of SHGH patients was mostly employees of private sectors, while the non-patients were entrepreneurs. Only 62% of customers distinguished the Islamic service of Surabaya Hajj General Hospital.

Keyword :

characteristic, customer’s benefit, target market, positioning and marketing program,

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